Sunday, January 3, 2010


Okay Okay. I didn't blog since half year ago. Great wasn't it? Now that I'm working it's not much different than studying lo... still single xD But the thing is, I'm improving myself.. my discipline, my experience and my KL driving skills.

In these 6 months of working, I think I'm learning to be more flexible and know how to do things the "Pro" way. Pro way as in I do what it is supposedly to be done, not the way I feel I like it.
Hmmmm... so far still not so good. But I'm beginning to face it seriously. I shall ACT PRO all the way to satisfy the people around me. Maybe..! Maybe..! If I keep on ACTing PRO, I will eventually get used to ACTing PRO? Would it be a good thing?

Yes. Definitely it will be a good thing.. to the extent that I can ACT PRO whenever I want. That's call PRO and Flexiblity.

The new Motto is "Act PRO to Please & Perform!" PPP!
I do have some good ideas hah. Let's put that into my work and start it in this new year.

Alright! Time to blog!

My first 2010 outing was at Mid Valley on 2nd Jan '10!

It was so difficult to find a carpark in Mid Valley compared to Sunway Pyramid(which I often go cuz it's nearest to me). I had to actually wait from a quiet spot and stalk people.

I had my lunch at the Taiwan Restaurant in Gardens. Can't really remember the name. Fong something. The food is really good. The taste is very "kiat" and yes, really fattening.
But it's okay to pamper yourself once in a while right. It tastes totally different compared to Western food. And the price is okay too, around RM20 for the set + RM7.80 for the dessert.
Altogether RM30... For RM30 you can go for Carl's Jr. too. Hmmm it's the dessert that's expensive ba.

And I bought a ciplak Bluetooth headset, RM55 nia. Hmmm.. the sound clarify is really not so good. Well, it's a good try for a 1st headset. I needed one to make phone call while driving. Ya, I tried, I can make phone call while looking at the GPS map. Not bad eh. Mayb a half year later I'll get a better one, the one with noise cancelling of course (around RM200).

Hmm.. it's 2.30am. Tommorow's activity will be "wash car" only in the afternoon. And lepak whole day. Right now I'm looking to get the Citibank Shell Credit Card & EON-GSC Credit Card. Will it be okay to get another 2 more cards? The Shell is more important to me, since I pump around RM200 per month, I can save 3.5% out of it, that is RM7. And for the GSC, I can save RM1 per RM10 ticket. Also, maybe I will be invited for special premier screening.. but how often? Mayb I should just get the Citibank Shell Card 1st then.

Till then! I miss my Malacca Girl Friends so much!!! =(

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Date With Marilyn & Sam

On a bright sunny Sunday, me and my tennis club friends had our last lunch at a chicken rice ball shop at Batu Berendam. I already planned to bring the girls out after the lunch, but haven't decided where to go. After our lunch, a few of us discussed about where to go. Together, me, Mark, Kai Zhang and Choon Yee decided to go for bowling. Then all of us went home while I tell them when I'm ready.

I went home to take my car then off to fetch Marilyn. Picked her up at 3.20pm, then pick up Sam at Kampung Lapan and go all the way to fetch Choon Yee at Ujong Pasir just because he wanted to sit my car.

Precious Cuties at the back Sit!

While Keanu Reeves in front sit.

And Pro-In-Driving in Action xD

And so we reach MP at 4.20pm. It took me an hour to fetch them O.o Within an hour's drive I can reach Seremban. But nevermind, I had fun more than anything else.

At the bowling alley, all of us had fun. Both the youngest girls weren't shy to play along with us. They were having fun themselves too. Kai Zhang, Mark, Choon Yee and me played like competition and Su Peng just look at us playing.

Me & Choon Yee

I didn't expect that Choon Yee is actually so noob in bowling. After he pick up the ball, his footwork when walking at the bowling alley looks very weird, like not used to it. I just have to laugh at him, being a sportsman, cannot be noob ma xD

Pro In Action!

Cute In Action!

Top 2 Pros planning strategies to outwin each other.

Top 2 Pros in Action!

Pro-In-Dating at bowling alley ^^

After the bowling, all of us head separate ways. Choon Yee went to meet his gf at DP. Mark going home to find Tami. Kai Zhang and Su Peng had to go home earlier cause Su Peng need to catch the bus to KL for her training. All of them separate to meet their other half, left three of us to have fun.

We went to DP for shopping. Marilyn wants to buy something at PDI using her birthday coupon. It was fun shopping with them. Probably because they are close to me.In the end, Marilyn bought a jeans jacket top. It's a very nice one.

After that, we headed to Oldtown Coffee for our dinner.

Lyn & Me

Me & Sammy

They are very nice to me. Most of the time, I took pics with either one of them. Probably because I'm leaving Malacca and we missing each other already. During our dinner, we were thinking where shall we go for one more stop before we head home.

After a short discussion, off we go to the Eye of Malaysia!

Permata Dunia!

Me & Marilyn (notice the hand xD)

Me & Samantha (notice the hand too xD)

Sam with peace at the top!

This is the Malacca scenery you get from the top!

This is the lovely couple you get from the top!

And this is the Cuties you get from the top!

After 4 rounds of turning up and down, we ended the journey of the day. I sent Sam back to her house. At the outside of her house, me & Lyn waited in the car. Sam's dad came to open the door and stared fiercely at us. Her dad is so protective. But nice enough to let me date her daughter xD

Then, we headed back to Marilyn's house. We hugged each other before we bid farewell.

THEN! The next day I went to see her again just before I drive back to Seremban. Cause I missed her too much, wanted to see her! Haha. Actually it's because I wanted to take the pics we took last nite. I can't wait to see the pics. I went to her house and entered her house while she copy the pics into my pendrive.

Her mum talked to me and I responded kinda well. Marilyn told her mum before that I'm her tennis coach and I think her mum knows about me. Then at one point, her mum said to me "Try to keep in touch with her". Oh... It sounded like aunty likes me. And I got potential ^^

Before I drive away, I hugged Marilyn once again, missing her so much. And so, with this feeling, I left Malacca. I must say, it worth everything to be in Malacca =)

I miss them very very much! They are one of the reasons I miss Malacca so much! I shall come back to bring the girls out again :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Last Few Moments

The story is coming to the end, finally. Right now, I just have to buy 2 tickets to pass my 2 subjects and I'm finally going to graduate. By the end of this month, I'm set to enter a new horizon. To many people, almost everyone, going to work from studying only sees it as "I have to work, it's more pressure". To me, it's different. The transition to work from studying is ALOT!

Going to work means I would no longer have to stay in this noisy, dirty, and smelly apartment! My block faces the rubbish directly opposite. Imagine the scent you get every time the Juice Quencher Lorry in action. My room gets the afternoon direct sunlight. It's really hot and annoying. Next time when I choose a room to stay, I would bring along my compass to evaluate the room's fong shui.

I would have my own car to drive around. I miss my silver Wira. I love driving it. And working means I get to drive around using my own expenses. I would drive anywhere, anytime to find the friends I want.

With the money I earn, it's about saving it and have a whole lot more of opportunities. Invest in business? Property? Or just simply spend it.

I've been planning and dreaming of myself working. Finally, the time is coming soon. You might think I'm hoping too much and keep daydreaming. Well, at least I have hopes in my life. I have dreams to achieve. I've got a plan. Do you?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Date with Marilyn

How would the date be if I were to date a girl younger than me by 7 years? I was wondering if we could get along. Anyway, I was about to find out.

Initially, I wanted to watch Fast & Furious 4 with my friends and I invited them to watch. But most of them couldn't make it. Marilyn on the other hand, she spontaneously agreed to watch with me. We were supposed to go out long time ago and we didn't have the time. So she was very happy when we finally get to go out together.

I must say, she's a very special girl for her age, at least to me. Think about it. She has yet to turn 18 and I'm going 25 this year. A big gap. Maybe it's tennis that gets us along. Since she know most of my friends through tennis club, I could talk to her about my friends.

Marilyn is fun to get along. I feel comfortable walking with her. Her walking pace is just right and somehow it feels easy to walk beside her. Maybe because we already know each other for quite long. Come to think about it, when I walk with my other girl friends like Tami, Su Peng, Wen Nee or Yee Wern, I can walk while talking to them freely. Probably is that we are used to each other.

I always think that it's a challenge to walk side by side with a girl friend in crowded places like Jonker Walk. Without holding hands, the girl would always slip through in front before me. Marilyn was courteous to always keep her pace right for me to follow.

I had a date with a girl that she tends to walk a little too fast. So keeping up with her was not so comfortable. At a moment, I thought of just grab her palm and stand still. She's the kind that like to walk fast and glance to shop around. Me, the kind of enjoying the stroll with my companion. Marilyn is the same kind.

It was a fun night hanging out with Marilyn. Though she's much younger than me, it doesn't stop us from enjoying the movie, chit chat about our tennis club, the Redang trip, her dancing experiences and her Korean songs. Oh ya, and her turtle CD case which I love so much.

Here's a photo we took inside the shop where we had our dinner.

I feel I look younger with her around, maybe 21 xD

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Trip to Genting!

Trip to Genting. I'm lazy to blog. So just pictures then!

Housemates! Neng, Me and Tami

Kai Zhang preparing to surprise his little sister

Kai Zhang having fun himself.

Yee Wern's 22nd Birthday.

Kai Zhang can't wait to get in line.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Outing With My Friends on 28th Feb 2009

It's Fred's birthday celebration and we went to Sing K at Dreambox in DP. The singing sessions was quite fun. I duet sang a few songs with Wen Nee, most of which are girls' songs. I shall say we sang quite well xD

Me & Neng at Dreambox

Wen Nee & Fred

After Sing K, we went over to MP for buy our skin care products. Yes, ME! Me buying skin care products. So happy that Wen Nee accompany me to enter the Skin Food shop. I bought a Peach Sake Toner and Peppermint Mask. The Peach Sake is RM50 and the Mask is RM28. Just tried out the Peach Sake. It smells really good, but when applying, it doesn't feel very smooth. Means I'll need to put more on the cotton to rub around. Not cheap, but I like the smell and the bottle. It's made of glass. Shall try the mask later.

We had our dinner at KFC and for the first time, I ate 5 pieces of chicken. 3 pieces of breast, 1 chicken wing and 1 drumstick. Felt quite full and enjoyed it.

After our dinner we joined the others at Jonker. We planned to have some group photo sessions but it started to rain.

Tami - Tian Mi Mi with the umbrella.

So we headed to have our yumcha session at the Old Town Coffee at CIMB bank.

Terrence from Gem of Life.

Again, our yumcha session is filled with so much joy and laughter. I really enjoyed everytime we gather together and chat. Our conversations are never ending.

Our drinks.

Mark testing camera.

Kew Kuan & Yee Wern

Su Peng is the spotlight of the night. She's the only girl to wear a dress. When we meet up at jonker she was so happy that she finally got a chance to wear the dress. I say she look very nice in the dress. Hence~! I took lots of pics of her using Kew Kuan's Nikon. Hehe.

Feeling Emptiness.

Focusing onto something.

Sipping the drink.

Again, feeling emptiness.

Happy and smiling.

Fred posing ^.^V

Together we share so much joy and fun. I shall miss my tennis friends always!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tennis Runs In Our Blood

I started playing tennis after I entered MMU for half a year. Tennis itself has changed my entire life. The friends I mix with, the activities and the places I go are all influenced by my tennis friends.

We grow together as friends for years in university. We have meetings together, play tennis together, have meals together and go on trips together.

We enjoy and play tennis seriously.

Tennis and friendship comes together.

We have the same aim and vision. To improve and to win.

The joy, the pain, the victory or defeat, we share together.

We are all bonded together by tennis. Tennis runs in our blood.